2014 Art Show

Art Show Hours
Friday: 4:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-3:00pm

The following Artists are scheduled to appear at The Twisted World: Villains and Vixens...

Artsts List

Kyle Cassidy: Artist Guest of Honor

Kyle Cassidy
Kyle Cassidy has photographed goths and presidents, rollergirls and archaeologists, actors from Star Trek, a steampunk Shakespeare, plus lots and lots of fantasy and science fiction writers. He’s done two book collaborations with novelist Neil Gaiman, a collaboration with Hugo award winner Elizabeth Bear, an adorable short piece with fantasy writer Emma Bull and covers for many of the Shadow Unit books. Seven time Hugo award winner Michael Swanwick wrote the introduction to his 2009 monograph on fantasy and science fiction fans. He’s been in the New York Times and Newsweek, and had lots of photos stolen by the Daily Mail tabloid. In 2007 his book Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes was chosen by amazon.com as one of the ten best art books of that year and one of the 100 best books overall. He’s done three album covers for the musician Amanda Palmer and four for industrial/EBM favorites Ego Likeness. He enjoys writing about himself in the third person and is currently, among other things, hard at work on a book of portraits of actress Fairuza Balk and illustrating Joan of Dark’s new book about celebrities and wool, Geek Knits. His most recent book is War Paint: Tattoo Culture and the Armed Forces. You can find him on twitter @kylecassidy and on tumblr and all those other places too.

Steven Archer

Steven Archer

Steven, a graduate of The Corcoran School of Art, continues to exhibit paintings, sculpture, and mixed media pieces in various galleries, stores, conventions, and venues throughout the US, and online through the band's website, Facebook, and his Etsy store. He has been a regular contributor to Weird Tales Magazine and Steampunk Magazine. He is the author and illustrator of one children's book, 'Luna Maris' (Imaginary Books, 2008), and the graphic novel 'Red King Black Rook'. He was invited to The Goddard School at NASA in 2012 to read 'Luna Maris' to a group of young students, and has plans for a second children's book in the near future.

Autumn Wallace

Autumn Wallace

Not so happy but not so sad, lost in the thought of sadness itself; Melancholy, a word fascinating her since youth that has since sketched, painted, sculpted her into the artist she is today. With artistic influences ranging from renaissance masters like Hieronymus Bosch to modern contemporaries like Esao Andrews and Audrey Kawasaki--she creates a new universe. Wishing to bring to life her mind's utopia of experiences and emotions based in everything from Thoreau to Sartre to Norse mythology --resulting in a twisted world. One of dichotomies, the beautiful and the disfigured, the gentle and the brute swirl together telling a story of wonder in the works of Autumn Wallace.

David E. Christman

David E. Christman

I'm an artist that simply wants to creep the hell out of you. And I take great pleasure in doing so. I've been creating darkened images for as long as I can remember. Monsters, goblins, spirits and other things that go "bump" in the night have always filled my imagination. My brand of art has been described as macabre, unnerving, dark, and at times humors.

I make my living creating art and design through my company Grendel's Den Design Studio, catering to a wide variety of clients that includes Halloween events, haunted house attractions, bands, film studios, music labels, magicians, artists, and Steampunk festivals. I also DJ under the name Dave Ghoul, am co-founder of PhillyZombie.com and its events, and the Art Show Director for this year's Twisted World.

I live in Philadelphia, PA with my lovely wife Steph, our dog Pepper, and the monkey on my back named coffee.

Please visit www.GrendelsDen.net for more about me and my company Grendel's Den Design Studio.

Felix Eddy

Felix Eddy
Felix Eddy is a fine artist and creator living in upstate New York. She is inspired by steampunk aesthetics and fables when creating her fine art, and draws inspiration from many sources for her handcrafted fabric creations! Felix Eddy does art shows and fantasy conventions all over the east coast.

Mellie Z of Fine Line Leather Design

Mellie Z

Mellie Z for the past two years has been the artist, designer and owner of Fine Line Leather Design. A self trained artist, she is known for creating unique and different pieces in the medium of leather. Her work ranges from sculpted art pieces to useful items like handbound books, bags, and wearable art, all with unique colors, textures and designs.