2014 Guests

We’ve wrapped up our Guest confirmations for The Twisted World: Villains and Vixens, and are no longer accepting Performer Applications. But if you have any questions please feel free to contact our Guest and Performance Coordinator at performers@thetwistedworld.com.

The following Guests are scheduled to appear at The Twisted World: Villains and Vixens...

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Patrick Thomas: Author Guest of Honor

Patrick Thomas

Whether it's a bar at the end of the rainbow or down some mean streets, PATRICK THOMAS has been entertaining readers with his stories for over fifteen years.

Perhaps his most loved series, Murphy's Lore series takes place at Bulfinche's Pub in NYC, a bar owned by a leprechaun, where Hercules is the bouncer and the weird and wonderful come to drink their fill. The series includes the collections Tales From Bulfinche's Pub, Through The Drinking Glass. Bartender Of The Gods, Nightcaps and Empty Graves: Tales of Zombies. There are also three novels “ Fools' Day [in which a group of tricksters try to prevent a nuclear mystacaust on April's Fools' Day]; Shadow Of The Wolf [where a werewolf who married a wolf tries to save his were-human cubs from a rogue government agent with the help of two knights of the Round Table]; and Redemption Road [in which the trickster Loki must decide between saving a defenseless world or his own hide]. Startenders, a new book in which the characters head out into space is scheduled for release in 2014.

In the field of paranormal mystery, Patrick's work has been quite extensive. The Mystic Investigators series includes the first Mystic Investigators collection featuring tales of 11 different investigators; two books co-authored with real life CSI John L. French “ Bullets & Brimstone [a mystery which crosses from Hell to Baltimore and back again] and From The Shadows [pulp era tales set in a darker time]; and Once More Upon A Time [in which a good PI witch fights evil fairy tales] and the upcoming Partners In Crime with Diane Raetz. In the Murphy's Lore After Hours series half-pixie and half-ogre Terrorbelle fights the darkness in Fairy With A Gun and Fairy Rides The Lightning. Former demon possessed serial killer Agent Karver of The Department of Mystic Affairs works to protect America in Dead To Rites and Rites of Passage. And forgotten Sumerian god Negral is chief of police in Hell in Lore & Dysorder.

Patrick's dark, twisted and funny advice column Dear Cthulhu has been collected in Have A Dark Day, Good Advice For Bad People, and Cthulhu Knows Best. He co-created and wrote the first 2 books in The Wildsidhe Chronicles YA series.

He co-edited the anthologies New Blood and Hear Them Roar and was an editor for Fantastic Stories of the Imagination and Pirate Writings magazines.

A number of his books are part of the set and props department at the CSI television show and have been spotted on the show. His urban fantasy Fairy With A Gun was optioned by Laurence Fishburne's Cinema Gypsy Productions for film and TV.

As an artist his work has graced covers for Dark Quest, Padwolf, Marietta, Space & Time, Cemetery Moon and the Ghostman comic.

Drop by www.patthomas.net to learn more and find out about The Patrick Thomas Show mockumentary or like him at www.facebook.com/PatrickThomasAuthor.

Allison Fin

Allison Fin

Survivor of at least a hundred zombie film apocalypses. A veteran of cons and con running going back several decades, including having organized the film program at several local conventions. In her spare time, she is often found tracking and photographing zombies and other monster in the wild, and preparing for the sudden, but inevitable, end of the world.

Carol Okupniak, MSN, RN-BC

Carol Okupniak

Carol Okupniak is a coordinator of disaster preparedness simulations, and is particularly known for the simulated Zombie Apocalypse at Drexel University’s College of Nursing & Health Professions, Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice. She studies the manifestation of neurodegenerative satiety deficiency syndrome (NSDS, the neurological dysfunction that "zombies" possess) and its pathophysiology, including both viral and drug induced varieties, as well as a potential vaccine to prevent infection of NSDS as well as an anecdote for the drug-induced variety. She also researches the history of botanicals such as datura used in pharmaceutical products such as scopolamine to elicit NSDS, its use to treat women in labor who exhibited signs and symptoms of NSDS, the effect to the unborn fetus, and how the use of this drug may cause latent infection manifesting as NSDS later in life, or even causing a permanent genetic mutation that could be spread through human to human contact.

Damocles Thread Development

Damocles Thread Development

We are Damocles Thread Development. We tailor bespoke games and interactive experiences to audiences, conventions and publishers as needed. Authors of the Champions:Live action system and the upcoming Freeblades Tactical Action. damoclesthread.com and you can contact us at info@damoclesthread.com.

Currently scheduled for Twisted World:
Tabletop Gaming Room OPEN 5pm to midnight
LARP Gaming Room OPEN 5pm to midnight
Villains Attack! 5pm - 9pm

Tabletop Gaming Room OPEN 11am to midnight
LARP Gaming Room OPEN 10am to midnight
Sin City LARP 10am - 1pm
Paradise Machine & Shattered Hero 11am - 3pm
Fables: Invasion of the Fey LARP 5pm - 8pm

Tabletop Gaming Room OPEN 11am to 3pm
LARP Gaming Room OPEN 11am to 3pm
Vixens Revenge 11am - 3pm

Dan Nokes, 21st Century Sandshark Studios

Dan Nokes, 21st Century Sandshark Studios
Dan Nokes is what experts call an URBAN MYTH, having survived the trenches of the independent comic book scene as a jack of all trades for almost a decade. Dan began 21st Century Sandshark Studios in 2002 with his super hero title THE
REPTILE AND MISTER AMAZING. He has since then done a 12 issue maxi series ( THE PARANORMALS 2003-2008), a 3 issue western series (THE PISTOLEERS 2008-2010) and is currently working on his 2nd and final volume of the dystopian/post armegeddon masterpiece ADAM AND EVE: BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Dan & Jen's Swing Dancing

The excitement of the swing era lives on! Our two experienced instructors are here to teach you everything you need to get out on the dance floor and swing the night away. We'll go over basic footwork, spins, and posture as well as a few tips and tricks. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Elizabeth J. Kolodziej is a novelist and a lover of gadgets, writing, mysteries, V is for Villains and an avid reader.

Her paranormal romance, The Last Witch Series, is coming up on its fourth book, Demonic Charms, and there is still more on the way! And her erotica’s are slowly climbing to the top of the charts.

While taking the past ten years to build these new book worlds, Elizabeth as done lots of hands on research such as experiencing flight, sensory deprivation, and much more to really master the art of bringing her descriptions to life for the reader.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Fiction Writing from George Mason University and her on going learning of the art of writing, Elizabeth believes she can truly help others master their own art and love of writing.

With the support of her family, friends, dog (Sherlock) and cat (Ahmeemotep) she is more than happy to give her readers exactly what they want in her books...adventure.

Emmy Jackson

Emmy Jackson

Emmy Jackson is a novelist and self-syndicated freelance automotive writer, an avid reader with interests in multiple genres and a long-time player of tabletop RPGs. The second book in his "Empty Cradle" post-apocalyptic urban-fantasy series, Shiloh in the Circle expands the world readers were introduced to in The Untimely Death of Corey Sanderson. During the fifteen years he spent building the world of Empty Cradle, he often lived like one of the scavengers from his stories, rescuing and re-purposing forgotten items. He even spent three years living a nomadic life in an RV. Emmy lives outside of Detroit, Michigan, with a dumb but adorable cat and frequently annoys his neighbors by dragging home misguided automotive projects.

Erin Heinrich

Erin Heinrich

I'm quirky. I tell bad jokes, and I have even worse timing. But I love drawing and creating characters and creatures. I spent 4 years learning the art of character design and earned my bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation. I currently teach others the same craft I have learned along with doing my day job. I have a tendency to go with the flow, especially when I'm drawing. I may start out with one idea, and by the end of it, I will end up with something completely different.

Heather E. Hutsell

Heather E. Hutsell

Heather E. Hutsell is the self-published authoress of 9 novels (and counting), genres ranging from Romantic horror to Steampunk Mystery, Dystopian Cautionary tales to Absurdist Fiction and more. She is a costume designer and can be seen wearing her original creations at her book signings and other public appearances. Ms. Hutsell is also the East Coast representing agent for the Starburner Galactic Courier Service (a non-profit Steampunk group that puts emphasis on publicly acknowledging and awarding the accomplishments of others in the same genre).

Jack Hillman

Jack Hillman

Jack Hillman is a novelist, journalist, playwright and a medical underwriter. His fiction has been published in multiple magazines. In addition Jack has written and directed four mystery plays for local audiences in the Lehigh Valley. On the non-fiction side, Jack has served as a stringer on local newspapers- winning a Keystone Press Award for his investigative reporting- and has worked on a wire service covering the insurance industry as well as serving as a contributing editor to a life underwriting journal for eleven years. He has worked in the insurance industry for over thirty years and has a wide medical background due to his position as a medical underwriter. In addition, Jack is an avid martial artist and a collector of edged weapons. The first novel in his Giant’s war trilogy titled “There Are Giants In This Valley” was released April 13, 2012 by MUSA Publishing, with the second, “Giants Want The Lost River,” released August 3, 2012 and the final book- "Giants Want Ragnarok" released November, 2012.

Miss L

MissL, called the "cuddliest domme ever,” helps people discover the sadistic streak/inner dom(me) they didn't think they had. She’s a co-facilitator of TES TNG and serves on the advisory board for ClubFEM NYC.

+2 Comedy Crew

+2 Comedy Crew

+2 Comedy is a unique comedy trio unlike anything currently in the stand-up comedy world. This original form of stand-up comedy is created solely for nerds. Their comedy is on such topics as Star Wars, video games, comic books, anime, D&D and the like. The shows, which can run from 30 to 90 minutes, consist of stand-up comedy as well as a Q & A with the audience where we answer questions like, “Could Boba Fett take the Cloverfield monster in a fight?”, “Who is the best character to use in Virtual Fighter?” and “What is the greatest movie trilogy of all time?”

Professor Atticus Calamity and Screaming Mathilda of the Catstrophone Orchestra

Professor Atticus Calamity and Screaming Mathilda of the Catstrophone Orchestra
Professor Calamity and Screaming Mathilda are some of the founders of Combustion Books a collectively-run publisher of dangerous fiction. They have collaborated (some say co-conspired) on Steampunk’s Guide to Sex, The Catstrophone Orchestra and other literary projects. They hail from the mean streets of NYC. They are experts of 19th century cons, cheats, criminals, and other low lifes (which they call comrades). They are entertaining, erudite and often intoxicated.

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Professor Mark P. Donnelly said that we could write anything we like to introduce him, So…

What can we tell you about Professor Donnelly?
He has a whole bunch of academic degrees.
He is the author of 22 books (all non-fiction).
He has written and/or produced nearly 200 hours of documentary television for Discovery, History, BBC, PBS, National Geographic, etc..
And he is also a world-renowned expert on historical combat.
He is an instructor and an author and a screenwriter and a television producer.
He is a swordsman and a pugilist and a duelist and a swashbuckler.
He is a warrior poet, and a gentleman scholar who wields either sword or pen with equal might.

He is equal parts Byron, Aragorn, Cyrano and Sherlock (so, okay, we are fans)
And if you have a bottle of decent port to share he is likely to tell you anything he knows.

“Donnelly [is] an articulate, polite and thoroughly charming gentleman firmly in possession of a subtle but sure confidence that comes with the ability to kick ass at will.” (The Village Voice ,New York City, July 2011)

(PS. He should probably think about giving his press agent a raise.: )

The Rebel Union

Rebel Union

The Knight Of games; The Prophet Loki Sidhe Discord, and Delirium's Fish present a mixture of pub, and game show style trivia. So clear out that important information from your brain, and gather your team.

Robert C. Roman

Robert C. Roman

Robert has wandered through life acquiring a checkered past. He’s worked as a technician, a manager, a carpenter, and currently teaches environmental science to inner-city high school students. At one point in there, he started writing and people started asking for more, so it seemed the thing to do.
That’s what it says in the ‘about the author’ section in his books, at least. Not that any of it’s untrue, but it’s actually somewhat abbreviated. The short, short description that sums it up best is from one of his best friends from college, who once said "sometimes you’ve just got to get into Bob’s head. Then get right back out as fast as humanly possible".

Robert is the author of the Artifice series (Fae Eye for the Golem Guy; What Not to Fear; Drag.Race), the Iron Angel series (The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones - OR - Genesis of an Iron Angel; A Christmas Evening Vigil - OR - Crystal Without a Chime; The Desert Fox and the Iberico Clavel - OR - The Solitude of An Armored Soul) and two of Juke Pop Serials JP30 list, Blank and Blue Bloods.

Rusty Gilligan

Rusty Gilligan

He has been a fixture in comics since 1978 with credits including Marvel, DC, Big Bang, Image, Heavy Metal and more. His film work includes the original “Heavy Metal”, “Spider-Man 2 & 3″, and more recently “Captain America”, the "Avengers", and “The Walking Dead”. At the beginning of 2013, Rusty will be working on a new comic-related motion picture.

Back in 1993, Rusty was working for card producer Clubhouse Diamonds and actually created the first ‘sketch cards’ in the trading card hobby, and to his surprise, it soon took off and became a world-wide phenomenon.
In the past few years, Gilligan rejoined the sketch card arena and has provided cards for Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Cult-Stuf, and many others, including producing his own sketch card set for the “Mac and Trouble” comic book he is releasing this year.

Currently, "The Adventures of Mac and Trouble" can be seen in comic books, a news strip for publications and newspapers, and soon a online feature.

A gallery of his ink work can be seen at: www.photobucket.com/albums/q205/mainpublishing/ninja/
Also, galleries of this sketch card work: www.photobucket.com/albums/ee472/rustygilligan/

This is a perfect time to bring posters or memorabilia from some great films such as the original Heavy Metal. Please see his credits at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0319207

Rusty has appeared as a guest at many shows/conventions over the years including: San Diego Comic Con, ICON, Toys on the Hudson, Northeast Collectorfest, Hershey Comic Con, VA Comic Con, and many more. He is well-known for offering his work to the public at a low price (some of his prints are $1-3 per) and often sells comic-used pages that he's worked on.

Want to Tie the Knot at Twisted?

Stephanie Heminger

Stephanie Heminger

Stephanie Heminger started learning Japanese in her Kyokushin karate class when she was 12. In high school, she signed up for a Rotary exchange student program and lived in Japan for a year, then earned a BA in Japaneses Studies in college. After many more years of studying Japanese, in 2009 she passed the hardest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, a standardized test given by the Japan Foundation to evaluate and certify Japanese-language proficiency of non-native speakers.