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Panels and Workshops List

Alternative Relationships

Gypsy of Karnevil, Robert Roman, Emmy Jackson

This panel is to help nurture open communication regarding the differing relationships within the convention community. All input is welcomed as is lively discourse, but NO TROLLING!!! I would like to have many different relationship types represented within the panel, so please feel free to come and chat! This is as much about interpersonal communication as it is about the relationship definitions themselves.

Ask a Karny


"Does that hurt?", "Why do you do these things?", "Where did you learn that?", "How much rum would it take to...?","Does this look infected to you?", "Boxers or briefs?", "Will you marry me?” All the questions you never wanted answers for and more can be asked of the krew of Karnevil in this informal round table discussion. Do you want to know more about us? Do you want us to know more about you? (You don't, but who are we to judge) Interested in hearing us ramble on about weird tour and con stories? Or have an intense debate on magical methodology and technique? (I AM A WIZZZZARD! It says so on the label) Seriously though, if you have enjoyed this blurb, or genuinely have an interest in anything we may or may not have to say, you should come... see things that can’t be unseen, and hear things that can't be unheard. It's good for you. (Trust me, I'm also a doctor.)

Ask a Supervillain

+2 Comedy Crew

Being a supervillain is hard work. Lucky for you we have assembled a panel of the finest supervillains in the world and they will be taking your questions so that you can be the greatest villain you can be.

Basics of Tribal Bellydance: Fast Moves and Slow Moves

Cost: $20 for session if reserved ahead, $25 for session at the door. Take both workshops and reserve ahead and pay only $35!!

Learn some of the foundation moves of group improv tribal style bellydance and the basics of Ak'Ana's style! We'll also cover basic isolations essential to all bellydance forms.


Beyond the Basics of Tribal Bellydance: Putting it Together

Cost: $20 for session if reserved ahead, $25 for session at the door. Take both workshops and reserve ahead and pay only $35!!

You've learned some of the basic moves of tribal belly dance and Ak'Ana's style – learn how to follow the leader as we dance together. We'll also teach some movement and isolation drills you can practice on your own after the weekend is over.


Beyond the Tentacle

+2 Comedy Crew

Japan is weird. Like really weird. And if you try to find out how weird it is, your computer well have quite a bit of malware. Lucky for you +2 Comedy has already done the research for you. Come learn about henti, inflation fetish and love dolls in a panel full of videos, games and live demos!

The Big Bad Zombie Panel

Carol Okupniak, Dave Christman, Tony Finan

A discussion on how to survive, and perhaps even thrive, Z-Day and its aftermath.

Bondage 101

Mel of Agreeable Agony

Bondage! The act of restraining bodies or restricting movement! We will focus on rope bondage in this class, but the principals apply to all sorts of other bondage techniques. This class will cover different rope materials and safety tools. We will cover ways to incorporate rope in all sorts of play. We will prioritize getting rope onto bodies safely over "perfect" or "the true way" of doing any specific rope method. Learn how to tie all sorts of bodies using a few basic knots. Shy, curious, and inexperienced people are all enthusiastically encouraged to attend. No partner required and you can borrow rope if you don't have your own!

Book Release Party!

Patrick Thomas

Bootblacking Basics

Boy Andersen

Bootblacking Basics will be a hands-on discussion and demonstration of how and why bootblacking is so much more than a shoe shine, including the variety of products which can make up a bootblacking kit and how to clean and care for leather clothing as well as boots and shoes. If you have something leather which needs to be cleaned and cared for, bring it to class.

Bucking the Tiger: Mastering Cons, Swindles and Cheats

Combustion Books

This presentation teaches a variety of classic swindles and cheats including "Fast and Loose", "Three Card Monte", the "Glim Dropper" and many more. Professor Calamity, author, huckster and historian, will draw from his extensive knowledge to teach anyone to "skin a fish". This presentation is mostly a hands-on workshop and demonstrations.

Burlesque 101

Black Tassel Boolesque

Ever thought about trying Burlesque but just not sure how or where to start? Black Tassel Boolesque can help! Come learn the steps to create and become that burlesque personna you have always dreamed of...

Character Creation

Erin Heinrich
Cost: $15 at panel

Learn how to create characters based on the theme Vixens & Villains, Steampunk, Victorian and Renaissance. Guests can attend workshop and draw along with Erin and/or watch, learn, take notes and ask questions.

Cosplay Contest 101

Holly Ween of WEBS and Patti

Tips for Preparing a Costume for Judging: You've got your costume made and are now considering entering it in a contest. Want an edge? This panel will expose what judges look for and offer some tips to give you a leg up.

Cosplay on a Budget

Holly Ween of WEBS and Patti

Want a big costume but dont have a lot of money? Stop by this panel for tips and tricks on how to get the biggest costume bang for your buck from seasoned cosplayers and costumers!

Dear Cthulhu

Patrick Thomas

Dear Cthulhu burst onto the personal advice scene in 2005 and has been giving hilariously good advice to bad people ever since, both in the magazines that carry the columns and in the three collections (Have A Dark Day, Good Advice For Bad People and Cthulhu Knows Best) from Dark Quest Books. Focusing on those who traditional advice columns would never touch for fear of offending their readership or helping someone get away with a crime, Dear Cthulhu enlightens all with his elder wisdom, protecting humanity from itself until such time as he claims them all. Come learn all from his faithful scribe, Author Guest of Honor Patrick Thomas, and perhaps hear a letter or two that Dear Cthulhu has answered.


The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

A once-in-a-lifetime showing! Witness the world premiere of the pilot episode of the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit's live-action web-series! In tandem with production studio Bouthillier & Jacobs, the Rabbits have toiled like unto mad fishermen in the throes of a sea famine to bring you "Donnybrook": a good-old-fashioned bar brawl chock full of disagreeable thugs, disgruntled Irishmen, and displaced pirates. MC'd by everyone's favorite drunkard, Verax McDougal - and his good friend, Fritz the Psychopathic Hessian - this is a launch party you do not want to miss. Why? Because it's a party being thrown by pirates, you daft git!

Erotic Knife/Swordplay


Cigany has an award winning background in design and crafting of blades, as well as handling and usage, in many various applications and in the scene that spans over 25 years.

This is an interactive workshop that includes something for all, from beginner to experienced emphasizing safer play practices. Various techniques utilized during knife and swordplay. Planning, building a scene, creating and using energy play. Topics involving, impact play, electro knife play. Creating energy and elevating intimacy, to deepen connecting with your partner during scenes will be discussed and demonstrated. Techniques involving non-marking blade play as well as intentional marking play will also be detailed and discussed. Sensory, mental and physical aspects utilizing blades, knives and swords in power and energy exchange will be demonstrated as well as open discussion from sensual and erotic, to fear, mindfucks and predicaments.

Please bring your own knives/swords/blades, anything you need for sanitation and keep them appropriately contained outside the workshop respectively (Other than this workshop, weapons are NOT permitted in the hotel or at the event and MUST be stored off-sight, either in a vehicle or another location. Dress as you like, keeping in mind if and how you may be participating with your partner.

Hot Wax Play

Dottie akaSlutress

Hot wax can be highly erotic and can be highly dangerous. As with any BDSM exploration, safety comes first - ALWAYS. In this class we will talk about different kinds of waxes, temperatures, preparing for play, and variations of wax play. You will also be taught how to use your imagination, how to layer, add ice or ribbons or how to make it sensual and fun.

How Not to Break into the Comic Book Industry

Dan Nokes

Dan has had over a decade's worth of experience in the comic book industry. Now he wishes to part to you all the mistakes, errors, and mis-steps he has made to tell you, some of the things you may be doing wrong when trying to snag a gig in comics.

How to write good villains & Killing your characters

Heather Hutsell, Emmy Jackson, Robert Roman, Elizabeth Kolodziej, Russ Colchamiro

A question and answer session on these two important writing topics. What makes a good villain? What makes a good anti-hero? Is there a difference? And: Your characters are like your children--how to give them the good death they may (or may not) deserve.

I Am Punk And So Can You!

The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

In which The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit define retro-futurism and explain everything you'll ever need to know about its subgenres - that's Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Biopunk, Atompunk, Feudalpunk, Punkpunk, etc - in the cram session of the century. Observe in awe as the Rabbits play dress-up and make-believe, providing costuming-, character- and world-building lessons for each of these genres. Festivities will wrap up with some advice on how to build a quality outfit on a budget and develop a believable character on a dime, a question and answer session with your favourite ne'er-do-wells, and pirate hugs for all.

Impact 101: Floggers and paddles and canes, oh my!

Lazy-Ninja (Kiernan) of Agreeable Agony

Have you ever wanted to know more about impact play? Like hitting people or like being hit? Want to know how to safely inflict pain/pleasure/sensation with a variety of impact toys? Just getting started and not sure what people mean when they say “do you like thuddy? or stingy?”

Then this is the class for you! There will be an introduction to various kinds of toys, including floggers, paddles, dragon tails, canes, slappers, and more.

Also, talked about will be the different sensations each produce, the significance of different types of materials, what to look for when shopping for toys, and how to use each toy on its own or as part of a larger scene.

Experienced folks: bring your questions about specific types of toys or materials, stories, and feedback for others. For beginners curious about how these things all work and feel, this is the perfect class for you. Bring questions and an open mind!

No toys needed, but you are welcome to bring your own if they are clean.

Learn to Swing Dance

Daniel Wheatley

The excitement of the swing era lives on! Our two experienced instructors are here to teach you everything you need to get out on the dance floor and swing the night away. We'll go over basic footwork, spins, and posture as well as a few tips and tricks. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Little Miss Rollerhoops Teaches Hooping!

Little Miss Rollerhoops

Think you can't hula hoop? Think again. Many people automatically assume that they are unable to keep a hoop going around their waists, after they try for a few seconds and it falls. This is more than likely simply not the case 🙂 Most people under the impression that they aren't able to hoop, are doing something incorrectly and/or aren't doing something that would help. Little Miss Rollerhoops, a nationally known Circus Performer and Instructor, will be teaching 2 classes on the fundamentals, benefits, joys, and basics of hula hooping. There will be a limited amount of hoops per class (sharing is caring!), as well as hoops of all sizes and colors for purchase so you can take one home and work on your new found skills

Making Pasties

Miss Eyrie Twilight of Black Tassel Boolesque
Cost: $10 at the workshop

What would a burlesque outfit be without those custom pasties? Sure, you can purchase them elsewhere, or you can make your own!

Supplies will be provided, but if you have your own, feel free to bring them. If you have a glue gun, you are encouraged to bring it with you, but it is not necessary to participate.

Meet the Crew/Rabbit Stew! The Pirate Show

The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit
Sit down and drink up, mates. Join Captain James Lovelock and the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit for an hour of vaudeville, debauchery, and drunken antics. Enjoy a sip of Rabbit Stew and get a taste of comedy theatre at its worst in this variety show of drunken proportions. Whips! Swords! Shanties! Vaudeville! Improv! Crime! Not for the easily offended or cold sober.

Moral Fiber: Sylvester Graham, J.H. Kellogg and Why Eating Cereal Prevents Masturbation

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

As a rule, there's often more to folk wisdom than bad science, and so it is with myths about masturbation and other aspects of sexuality. In America, a peculiar flowering of these myths took place in the mid to late 19th century. Though the predictable culprits -- Victorian prudery, evangelical Christianity, entrepreneurialism -- are part of the picture, what's less known is the myths' century-old relationship with whole-grain foodstuffs. Thanks to certain influential health advocates, sex and diet were inexorably linked, and, for both, healthy meant bland.
The souvenirs of these efforts with us today are only ironic footnotes on the graves of two crusaders: Sylvester Graham, immortalized not for his sexual and nutritional reform but for the sugared brown crackers used in pie crust and John Harvey Kellogg, a flaked-food believer eclipsed by his breakfast cereal dynasty.

Anyone familiar with the 1994 film “the Road to Wellville” or the book upon which it is based will be well aware of this bizarre story. Health and Diet crazes are nothing new, and they are often a quick route to making a fortune; and even more so when packed in prurient morality.

Mythological Villains

Patrick Thomas, Heather Hutsell, Robert Roman, Russ Colchamiro, Jack Hillman

Human history is filled with legends of heroes and gods, many of whom mimic human behavior but on a far grander scale. When it comes to mythological vixens and villains, there is no simply no shortage. From Guinevere of Camelot to Loki of the Norse gods, legends are filled with those who will stop at nothing to get what they desire… or become the ultimate object of desire. Join the panelists as they discuss some of their favorite villains and vixens of myth.

Natural Funny

+2 Comedy Crew

The bad boys of convention comedy are here for their one hour comedy showcase! Come join Vegas Lancaster, Will Liam and Noah Houlihan and their comedy about nerdy stuff, kinky stuff and nerdy kinky stuff! First 100 people get double EXP!

Needleplay 101 Workshop

Dottie akaSlutress

Do you have a fear of needles? Blood? Pointy things? Or do you watch intently when you have blood drawn?

This 101 class will help you to better utilize the sub-dermal insertions of needles. Learn "hands on" how to utilize various needle techniques for pain as well as pleasure. Learn how to make beautiful designs and art work with needles and other supplies. Like Corsets, wings, flowers and more. Imaginations are encouraged.

All supplies will be provided by the instructor. You will leave the class having both pierced and been pierced (if willing). You will learn the basics of needle play safety, supplies, usage and disposal. This is a serious type of edge play requiring a reasonable level of comfort with needle play techniques and a good knowledge of fundamentals. The knowledge, demonstration, and practical hands-on insertion (with instructors help) will allow you to leave feeling competent to begin practicing and refining this technique for yourself.

Negotiation: Come learn how to do it. Do it right. Do it often.

Mel of Agreeable Agony

We talk a lot about negotiating for play and how to interact with people without violating their consent or boundaries, but how do we actually negotiate? How do we find people to play with who have similar interests without being a creeper? What are some things to remember to negotiate? We will discuss methods of negotiation, pitfalls, and what you can do when you don't know what you want to do!

Neo-Victorian Costuming

Heather Hutsell

A question and answer session on the process of costume inspiration, design and execution of one's creative vision.

The New Magazine Assignment: Crowd Funding Your Art

Kyle Cassidy, Ego Likeness

Photo Workshop! Create a Horror novel cover!

Kyle Cassidy

Bring costumes and props! Panelists and the audience will conspire to create a cover for a horror novel we'll invent on the spot. This might be the most fun panel you ever attend.

The +2 Comedy Dating Game

+2 Comedy Crew

Looking for love?.... or maybe someone to have a good time with? Then come play the +2 Comedy dating game! Contestants will pick out of four choices who they want to go out on a date with and then go on a date live on stage!

+2 Comedy Podcast

+2 Comedy Crew with Special Guest

Join +2 Comedy for their LIVE podcast! +2 comedy sides down with an amazing guest to talk about love, life and the nerdmerican way. Come for your chance to win make sure awesome prizes, just be sure to bring your own.

Portfolio review

Stephen Archer, Erin Heinrich, Felix Eddy, Kyle Cassidy

Press and Publishing

Indi Martin, Dan Nokes

So, you want to make a comic book and/or write a book. Learn what you need to know to make your creation see the light of day and meet a perspective audience. Should you publish with an agent or do it yourself? Print or electronic? Learn some dos and don’ts on how to get the best process for your needs and style.

Promoting Your Circle

Kyle Cassidy, Ego Likeness, Rodney Linderman, Jack HIllman

You can try and make famous friends or you can try to make your friends famous. (Every writer with the possible exception of Poe, that I can think of came from a literary circle — it’s no accident Al Gore roomed with Tommy Lee Jones and Eric Segal in college).


Dead Milkmen, Ego Likeness, Live Not On Evil, Kyle Cassidy, The Young Werewolves

Rodney Linderman hosts this unique question and answer session featuring performers and artists from the Dead Milkmen, Ego Likeness, Kyle Cassidy, and The Young Werewolves….maybe more. Come find out and ask those burning questions that you aren’t even sure if you WANT to know the answers!

Readings & Book Signings

Various Authors

Various Authors including Emmy Jackson, Heather Hutsell, Robert Roman, Esther Wheelmaker, Russ Colchamiro, Sawney Hatton, and Indi Martin, possibly others will offer readings of excerpts of their printed works. They will also be available to sign their books to give you that extra special remembrance of meeting the author! Check the schedule for when each will be presenting and available.

The "Reality" of Fiction

Esther Wheelmaker and V is for Villains band members

Esther Wheelmaker, author of the acclaimed steampunk novel "Gravely Inanimated" and V is for Villains band members discuss the complexity of using live characters in a fictional setting. Join both Esther and V is for Villains in this rare meeting and lively discussion. Sales of the novel and CD's and autograph and photo opportunities from both will be made available immediately after the panel.

Run Away With the Circus!


Come learn how to do that we do! Poi, staff, whips, and more! HVBRIS shares their skills with those brave enough learn!

Small Press Comics – Past, Present, Future

Dan Nokes

Dan gives an overlay of where Indie, Underground, and Small Press comics. Where it has been, where it is now, and where it will be in the time yet to come!

So You Want to Get Rich as a Writer?

Ian Randal Strock

Let editor/writer/publisher Ian Randal Strock burst your bubble... and then tell you why there's still a chance.

So You Want to Learn Japanese?

Stephanie Heminger

Just starting? Already passed the JLPT N1? All levels welcome. Share knowledge from and about the classroom, conversation partners, self-study, podcasts, websites, and games.

The Steampunk's Guide to Vice

Combustion Books

A presentation based on our popular series of books and talk about Sex, Death and Swindles of the 19th century. It is a fun multi-media presentation that will engage the audience.

Steampunktastic pub quiz

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

So you think you know steampunk eh? This is an all for fun gathering in the hotel pub for a classic British Pub Quiz designed to test your knowledge of all things steampunk including: history; culture; entertainment; literature and more. Get together a team of four to six people (or if you do not have any friends, just show up and find the other singletons) and see if collectively you can impress everyone with your knowledge of eclectic and arcane trivia. With quizmaster Prof. Mark P. Donnelly

Stroke Your Descriptions

Elizabeth Kolodziej

A hands-on workshop on building your writing skills! Be blinded and have your hands dipped in different ghoulish delights to try and describe them the best way you can. Taste some of the sourest candy and some of the sweetest and learn what words work best to bring your readers tongue to life! Put in ear plugs and try to make out what someone is saying. This is all hands on and lots of fun! The volunteers will have to write three sentences and the winner will receive a very special prize at the end!

Surviving as a NonTraditional Artist

Felix Eddy

Q&A and discussion with professional artist and creator Felix Eddy, for professionals, newcomers, aspiring artists, and other interested persons!

This is my Scene, NOT your performance

Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Have you ever been interrupted while playing in public? Have you had an unwanted crowd of people cheering or talking loudly near you, keeping you and/or your bottom out of focus? Come in and hear how others feel about this topic, and voice your opinion as well. All levels of players or viewers welcome.

Torture 101: Torture and Punishment through History

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

(Content taken from my book The Big Book of Pain – Torture and Punishment Through History) For millennia, mankind has devised ingenious and diabolical means of inflicting pain on fellow human beings. This deplorable but seemingly universal trait has eaten away at mankind's very claim to civilization. This lecture/presentation (which will be profusely illustrated using images from our book) is an exploration of the systematic use throughout the ages of various means of punishment, torture, coercion and torment. Since Ancient Greece it has been an acknowledged fact that virtually anyone can be made to confess to anything under sufficient torture. The information extracted under torture, therefore, is wholly unreliable, so there is no good reason for a culture to advocate the use of torture in the hopes of using a legally useful confession. And yet, it is a practice which has persisted in virtually every culture on the planet from pre-history until the present day. This lecture asks why.

Unconventional Rope - Hojojutsu 101

Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Want to play hard? Want to be tied up? Not in perfect health? No problem!
Do you dream of being hunted, chased and taken down, but your your health issues keep you sidelined? Fear not, medical problems do not have to prevent play. Jakal is an experienced EMT as well being an experienced rigger who can show you how to play, and be able to play hard with some careful negotiations. This class is for both newbies and experienced players. No one has to sit on the sidelines any more.

Unconventional Rope - Hojojutsu 102

Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Want to play hard? Want to be tied up? Not 84 pounds? No problem!
Whether you are new to Hojojutsu or not, a lot of people believe you need to be an 84 pound petite girl to enjoy rope play. We are going to shatter your preconceived ideas about how "Only tiny rope bunnies can get chased, captured, and taken down." If you are curious about rope, or you are already in love with it and you have open mind come learn something new and exciting or gain more knowledge on the subject.

Unleashing your Inner Dom(me)


Appropriate for all genders and kink identities, MissL and A1ex will talk about how to get in touch with your inner sadist, top or dom/me, and what a good dom/me can do for their sub. Possible* bonus demo scene with the help of a special guest to demonstrate the virtues of co-topping.

Viscous Vixens: a history of women fighting armed duels

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

We have all heard the terms 'men at arms' and 'men of honor' but what about the women? When a woman's honor was impinged did she invariably look to a man to defend her honor on her behalf? Well, yes, often... but not always. This presentation (led but noted historian and combat scholar Prof. Mark P Donnelly) focuses on the often overlooked historical instances of women taking up arms to defend their own honor.

Vintage Vaudeville & Sideshow


Vaudeville, what is it, why is it, and most importantly, where has it been for the past century? It can't be denied, that one way or the other, it's back along with all the live performing arts television and radio tried to bury with it! What has changed? What has stayed the same? All these things and more will be discussed by self-proclaimed "Vaudevillains" Karnevil. We invite all those interested in magic, circus, sideshow, or the live performing stage of distant yesterday to come and join our round table discussion, perhaps you'll learn a thing or two, mayhap we will as well!

What is the Big Fan-dango???

Pixie Della Fiamma
Cost: $3.00 for handout

Fans used in dance from around the World, from Silk to Fire. In this workshop I will be discussing the allure of adding a fabulous and mysterious prop to your dance, Fans! Silk Fans, Paper Fans, Fans as weapons, Feather Fans, Fire Fans, they have been used through the ages and I will take you through the history of this simple, yet Elegant thing.

Whip Demo

Arson of Karnevil

Do you delight in the Indiana Jones films? Have you always wanted a whip in case you had to combat evil Spanish aristocrats from the 19th century... or perhaps even Dracula?! The bullwhip has earned a special place in our culture, but not all of what you think this amazing tool is capable of is based on fact…or is it? Join professional Whip Artist J.R. Whitcomb, sometimes known as Arson from Karnevil as he separates fact from fiction by demonstrating the many ways to crack a whip, answers all your whip related inquiries, and explains the intricacies of proper whip handling. Depending on turnout, space, and time limitations (Timelords need not assist, your meddlings may leave the convention stranded on the surface of the Seventh Sun of Trun...), participants may be invited for a short hands on instruction with some of J.R.'s personal collection, but please feel free to bring your own whip! (A note: this demo is specifically in relation to whip cracking for sport and stage).

Why Piracy? You Can't Take the Sky From Me

The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

Alternatively titled "Keeping 'punk PUNK!” this is a round-circle, open discussion as to the motif of piracy within the 'punk' subgenres, and the importance and significance of the theme to punks everywhere. We'll look at historical facts and dispel common myths about true pirates and modern punks alike, looking at the rise of the punk subculture in the twentieth century and why we wouldn't have retro-futurism - that is, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, etc. - without them. Adventure is out there, mates!

Wigs for Beginners

Tawnie Bow Studios

Ever thought of buying a wig, but not sure where to start? We will go over
what makes a good wig, how to take care of your first wig, and even discuss
how to put it on. There are no dumb questions here, if there is a question
that you have before you make your first or even hundredth wig purchase let us
know and we will give you our opinions on the best answers.

Wig Styling Part 1

Tawnie Bow Studios

So you have your first wig and are ready to put it into a style but aren't
sure where to start. We will discuss wefting, curling, straightening, and
braiding your wigs. We will also talk about how to style an up-do. Make sure
to bring your own styling questions and we will discuss the best ways to get
your desired look.

Wig Styling Part 2

Tawnie Bow Studios

If you have been around the block a few times with your wigs this is the panel
for you. We will talk about advanced techniques such as gravity defying
spikes, dying, and putting in a part. If there is something that you have
been having a hard time getting right this is a great place to ask.

Words & Images – Artist Collaborations

Kyle Cassidy

Graphic novels, moues even post cards -- writers and artist have been collaborating for a long time. This panel will discuss ways that writers and artists can collaborate together. Audience and panelists will conspire to make a collaboration during the panel.

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