Twisted Thank YOU!

It is hard to know how to write words that will express the appreciation for the amazing people who helped The Twisted World be as villainously wondrous as it could be this year.

The citizens of this Twisted World – you, the patrons. Your attendance is the greatest gift. We hope that your visit to O/our world was one of the better vacations you have taken!

The performers, artists, authors and special guests – your energy, your music, your humor, your dancing and your unique gifts that you share with us all – you are all so remarkably marvelous and W/we are humbled by the fact that you agreed (and then actually showed up!) to be involved in the Twisted World this year.

The vendors – you provide that much needed commodity at any festival or convention – STUFF! Thank you!

The volunteers – yes, you. No matter what happens, weekends in The Twisted World will always need help from you wonderful people. There is no amount of money, prizes, or thanks that can compensate for the time and effort you put into this weekend. Thank you from the very bottom of O/our hearts.

And the staff – you are not “employees”; you are friends and family, the best kind because we chose each other! Every time I thought of something, I turned around to find out you had all taken care of it and still Ops didn’t have anything to fix!

So now W/we know, the reason it is hard to know what words to write is that there aren’t any known to U/us that can tell each and every one of you how much W/we are humbled and grateful for the very best part of the festival – YOU.

Until next Twisted time,
Tim and danielle

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