Workshops and Panels

Amazing workshops and panels will be presented throughout the weekend at The Twisted World. Here is a quick list (just the titles in mostly alphabetical order) until our WebGod gets the complete list with descriptions online….In the meantime, if you have questions or want to know about registering for a workshop that is limited number and/or has a cost associated, feel free to contact OR if you are supposed to have one on this list but i missed it somehow, please email me so i can make sure it gets included!

Alternative Relationships with Gypsy of Karnevil, Robert Roman, Emmy Jackson

Ask a Karny with Karnevil

Bondage 101 with Mel of Agreeable Agony

Book Release Party! (TWO Books, One Party) with Patrick Thomas

Bootblacking Basics with Boy Andersen

The Big Bad Zombie Panel with Dave Christman, Tony Finan and possibly Carol Okupniak

Bucking the Tiger: Mastering Cons, Swindles and Cheats with Combustion Books

Character Creation (How to Draw) with Erin Heinrich $15 fee

Dear Cthulhu with Patrick Thomas

Erotic knife/Swordplay with Cigany

Hot Wax Play with Dottie akaSlutress

How Not to Break into the Comic Book Industry with Dan Nokes

How to write good villains & Killing your characters with Heather Hutsell, Emmy Jackson, Robert Roman, Russ Colchamiro, Elizabeth Kolodziej

I Am Punk And So Can You! with The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

Impact 101: Floggers and paddles and canes, oh my! with Lazy-Ninja (Kiernan) of Agreeable Agony

Learn to Swing Dance with Daniel Wheatley

Little Miss Rollerhoops Teaches Hooping! with Little Miss Rollerhoops

Make a Horror Novel Cover! with Kyle Cassidy

Meet the Crew/Rabbit Stew! The Pirate Show with The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

Moral Fiber: Sylvester Graham, J.H. Kellogg and why eating cereal prevents masturbation with Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Mythological Villains with Patrick Thomas, Heather Hutsell, Robert Roman, Russ Colchamiro

Needleplay 101 Workshop with Dottie akaSlutress

Negotiation: Come learn how to do it. Do it right. Do it often. with Mel of Agreeable Agony

Neo-Victorian Costuming with Heather Hutsell

The New Magazine Assignment: Crowd Funding Your Art with Kyle Cassidy

The Owl Job with The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

+2Comedy – panels, podcast

Portfolio (general art) Review with Stephen Archer, Erin Heinrich, Felix Eddy, Kyle Cassidy

Press and Publishing with Indi Martin, Dan Nokes, Emmy Jackson, Robert Roman

Promoting Your Circle with Kyle Cassidy

Q&A with Dead Milkmen, Ego Likeness, Kyle Cassidy, and possibly The Young Werewolves and/or Live Not On Evil

Readings & Book Signings with Various Authors

The “Reality” of Fiction with Esther Wheelmaker and V is for Villains band members

Releasing Your Inner Dom(me) with MissL and A1ex

Small Press Comics – Past, Present, Future with Dan Nokes

So You Want to Get Rich as a Writer? with Ian Randal Strock

So You Want to Learn Japanese? with Stephanie Heminger

The Steampunk’s Guide to Vice with Combustion Books

Steampunktastic pub quiz with Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Stroke Your Descriptions with Elizabeth Kolodziej

Surviving as a NonTraditional Artist with Felix Eddy

This is my Scene, NOT your performance with Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Torture 101: Torture and Punishment through History with Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Twisted Tête-à-tête (VIP) with Twisted World Staff, Guest & Performers

Unconventional Rope – Hojojutsu 101 with Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Unconventional Rope – Hojojutsu 102 with Jackal Blackwell, Knotted Pleasurez

Viscous Vixens: a history of women fighting armed duels with Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Vintage Vaudeville & Sideshow with Karnevil

What is the Big Fan-dango??? with Pixie Della Fiamma (small fee for handout)

Whip Demo with Arson of Karnevil

Why Piracy? You Can’t Take the Sky From Me with The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

Words & Images – Artist Collaborations with Kyle Cassidy

Basics of Tribal Bellydance: Fast moves and slow moves with Ak’Ana
Beyond the Basics of Tribal Bellydance: Putting it Together with Ak’Ana
$20 for session if reserved ahead, $25 for session at the door.
Take both workshops and reserve ahead and pay only $35!!




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